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Dear customers. For the better overview of our services we have created these fully new web pages.

LITRA, s.r.o.
Víta Nejedlého 213
295 01 Mnichovo Hradiště
Phone: +420 326 774 201 - 204
Fax: +420 326 774 207

Transport of trucks, machines, tractors and caravans

In this field LITRA belongs to the leading companies in the Czech Republic.

We offer:

  • Transport of trucks
  • Transport of building machines
  • Transport of agricultural machines
  • Transport of caravans, mobile homes and trailers
Transport can be performed everywhere across the Europe. Our colleagues prepare also transport of oversized load including all permits.

Except “Truck-on-Truck” transports we offer also “jockey” transport, also vehicle transported on the own wheels.

Why decide for LITRA:

  • transported vehicles are insured to their full value,
  • superstructures of types LOHR and ROLF are being used for transports of trucks, tractors, building and agricultural machines and caravans,
  • transporting trucks and superstructures are going through regular checks in the own workshops, which guarantees perfect technical and esthetical condition of the trucks,
  • alls trucks have been equipped with GPS Systems
  • drivers are trained on the regular basis. Only the most experienced and most responsible drivers have been chosen for these transports.
Insurance polices and all necessary permits may be found in section “Certificates and Permits



Transport Examples