New Web Pages

Dear customers. For the better overview of our services we have created these fully new web pages.

LITRA, s.r.o.
Víta Nejedlého 213
295 01 Mnichovo Hradiště
Phone: +420 326 774 201 - 204
Fax: +420 326 774 207

Storage of vehicles

LITRA offers storage of your goods. We guarantee storage on the fenced area – customs warehouse - where your goods will be stored in the best way.

Protection of the storage area:

  • Illuminated storage area
  • Protected by security system
  • Monitored by the camera system
  • 24-hours security service
Price for storage includes also insurance against theft, vandalism and force majeure including hailstorm. Stored vehicles are insured to their full value. Complete inventory is being done twice a year.

Our storage – your success

As you can see, we take care that your goods is being fully protected. Storing in our warehouse is the best option on the market. We have individual approach to each customer. Your satisfaction is our aim. Let the professionals take care of your goods.