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Transportation Agreement Terms and Conditions

Transportation Agreement Terms and Conditions


Order made by LITRA for transportation is regarded as Transportation Agreement. By confirming the order, Contractual parties - LITRA (Ordering Party) and Transporting Company agrees at following terms and conditions:

1. Transporting company undertakes to transport items from the loading point to the point of destination according to the Order.

2. Failure to meet the deadline for takeover of items at the loading point is being considered as material breach of the contractual conditions. The contract becomes invalid immediately and the Ordering Party has the right to contract another party for respective transports without any penalties.

3. Ordering Party undertakes to pay agreed price.

4. Price agreed for transportation or other services is indicated always without VAT on the order and it includes all cost which Ordering Party has to pay to the Transporting Company for transportation including loading and unloading activities.

5. By confirming the order, Transporting Company agrees with reduction of reimbursement of

5.1. 25% in case of delivery delay more between 12-24 hours over the agreed delivery deadline

5.2. 50% in case of delivery delay between 24-48 hours over the agreed delivery deadline

5.3. 100% in case of delivery delay more than 48 hours over the agreed delivery deadline

6. Transport must be operated by own vehicles and by own personnel. Subcontracting another sub-suppliers is strictly prohibited without prior approval of the Ordering Party.

7. Transporting Company must have appropriate insurance policy covering full value of the transported goods.

8. Transport must be documented in the proper way in accordance with legal regulations and branch practice and in accordance with the requirements of the sender and receiver.  

9. Transporting Company undertakes to perform transport in a proper way so that no damage occurs to the transported goods.

10. Transporting Company must adhere to all legal regulation for transport.  

11. Transporting Company must follow the instruction of the Ordering Party, sender and receiver. For this purpose, Transporting Company must know special instructions for handling at the place of sending and place of destination and instructions, which are required by the parties involved to the transport and adhere to these instructions.

12. Only vehicle in good technical condition equipped in accordance with the requirements of the final customer and trained personnel can be used for the transport by the Transporting Company.

13. Transporting Company will issue an invoice in the Terms according the VAT Law (Zákon o DPH) and in accordance with legal requirements of the Czech Republic and will attach documents. The Ordering Party is entitled to send back the invoices, which are not complete. Ordering Party is also entitled not to make any payment until correct invoice is received. The Date of receiving is the date on which the correct invoice was delivered to Ordering party including all the required attachments.

14. Both Ordering Party and Transporting Company agree at the payment conditions of 60 days by acceptance of the order.

15. Transporting Company is responsible for all damages and related cost incurred during the transport in the same extent, to which the Ordering Party may be held responsible. By accepting the Transport Order, Transporting Company expressly acknowledges to know and to be able to fulfill these conditions.

16. Transporting Company will reimburse all cost for damages and related cost to the Ordering Party in full extent.

17. Transporting Company acknowledges that payment for the transport may be reduced of the amount up to 100%, when Ordering Party comes to a harm based on the penalties of sender or of the receivers based on the activities of the Transporting Company.

18. During the transport, the Transporting Company must inform the Ordering of any occurrence which may have or had negative impact on the transport. The Transporting Company must make information on the exact position of the load available at any time. This information must be submitted to the Ordering party upon request.

19. Contractual parties undertake to settle disputes in amicable way or by legal court.

20. The legal code of the Czech Republic is applicable in a case of any dispute.

21. Making truck available for the loading by the Transporting Company means acceptance and confirmation of this transportation agreement terms and condition